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Poor Zoom call quality or browser apps like Office 365 not working (Having trouble hearing teacher, apps not loading properly)
Last Updated 4 years ago

The four things that affect the quality of a Zoom call the most are:

When submitting a helpdesk ticket for many of the problems that arise for WSD staff and students require information to diagnose and fix. If you call for help, chances are pretty good that our support staff have walked you through the steps provided in the links above so we can better help you. Providing information from following the provided links can drastically reduce the time our staff spends on each ticket, helping us to get you the help you need faster.

The specific information that will be the helpful is:

  1. Download and upload speeds of your internet connection
  2. The free space available on your PCs Hard drive/C: drive/Windows drive (E.g., 12GB free of 32GB)
  3. The percentage of average CPU and RAM utilization
  4. Service availability, or up-time is not something that WSD staff can affect but can be an indication to be patient

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